We are a small boutique style puppy store located in Salem, NH since 2008 and are open 7 days a week. We are located at 375 South Broadway (Route 28) Salem, NH 03079.


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Hop hop hoppin. Thats what I like to do. I got a spring in my step and love to hop around the room looking for some fun to be had. I love our store cat Lola. Me and her are really good friends but I am looking for something a little more permanent. Like a family of my own! I know you are out there somewhere and I will wait here patiently until you come.

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Salem, NH

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Pomchis are lively, loyal companions who will create a bond with you almost instantly! Pomchis are known for adoring their owners and can be easily trained. These lovable pups would make an ideal first pet!

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