Where Our Puppies Come From





We personally review and select our pups from professional and select hobby breeders across the U.S. every week. They are our babies and here to stay until they find their forever homes.

Licensing Explained:

We are a licensed facility which means we meet and maintain specific guidelines and criteria as set forth by the governing authorities.  We follow strict protocols which include mandatory, unannounced inspections. 

We work with licensed breeders - They are held to the same (and more) requirements and standards as us.

  • *Licensing ensures that certain standards of care are maintained. That care includes many aspects, such as health, daily care, environment, local & federal laws, and even housekeeping practices! (Unfortunately, breeders are NOT REQUIRED to be licensed; it is optional.) 

We also occasionally work with a small, select group of trusted, recommended hobby breeders.

  • *Having AKC affiliation IS NOT the same as being licensed. 
  • *A kennel license is very different than a breeding license or a license to sell.

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